Gina Raimondo



A lifelong Rhode Islander, Gina Raimondo is Rhode Island’s first female governor. She has made unmistakable progress to rebuild the middle class and create opportunity for everyone. Since she became governor, Rhode Island cut the state deficit while making significant investments in economic development, job training, infrastructure and education. Global businesses like General Electric and Johnson & Johnson are moving here, companies like Electric Boat and Virgin Pulse are expanding here and — for the first time in 30 years — Narragansett Beer is brewing here.

Under Raimondo’s leadership, Rhode Island has gone from the 36th worst state economy into the top 10 economies in America. Rhode Island is now now one of just five states to offer tuition-free access to community college and job training. As governor, Raimondo cut the tax on Social Security income for our seniors, cut the car tax, cut thousands of pages of regulations for small businesses and has repaired the most roads and bridges in a generation — creating good jobs in the process.

As Governor, Gina is successfully working to ensure that, together, we build a stronger, better future for every Rhode Islander. (Full bio)

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