Kim Reynolds Did What?

Yesterday, GOP Governor Kim Reynolds formally asked an Iowa court to allow her to implement a law banning abortions before many women know they are pregnant. Make no mistake: Reynolds is setting a model for GOP lawmakers in other states to follow — putting the health and safety of women… Read More

MAGA Hot Mic: Trump-Endorsed GOP Nominee for Michigan Secretary of State Kristina Karamo

Today’s MAGA Hot Mic honors falls on Trump-endorsed GOP nominee for Michigan secretary of state, Kristina Karamo.  Kristina Karamo attacked women who make deeply serious medical decisions about their own bodies with a ludicrous comparison.  CNN: “CNN’s KFile discovered troubling comments Michigan’s Trump-backed secretary of state… Read More

MAGA Hot Mic: Bob Burns

Today’s MAGA Hot Mic moment comes from New Hampshire GOP congressional candidate Bob Burns.  Bob Burns, who touts himself as the “most pro-Trump” candidate, continues to make clear Republicans want to pass a national abortion ban if they gain control.  Bob Burns: “I absolutely will… Read More

FACT CHECK: Inflation Reduction Act Won’t Increase Taxes On The Middle Class

Republicans are making up false claims about the Inflation Reduction Act because they have no plan to lower costs for American families. This historic legislation will ensure corporations and billionaire tax cheats finally pay their fair share. Let’s be clear: The Inflation Reduction Act is consistent with President Biden’s campaign… Read More