Online Organizing

It’s more important than ever that we continue our work of electing Democrats up and down the ballot.

In order to promote safety in this unprecedented time, The Democratic National Committee’s digital organizing team put together this list of ways you can keep organizing in your community online. You can also reach us at and be sure to text ORGANIZE to 43367 to receive some more tips and to keep in touch.

You are already a digital organizer,

here are 5 best practices to embrace that:

  1. Engage your community in online spaces.
  2. Share your personal story.
  3. Host a virtual event.
  4. Move your traditional volunteer activities online.
  5. Build relationships that will make people want to come back!

Engage your community online and sharing your story

Harness the power of Online Community Building through Facebook groups
Thousands of people use Facebook groups to connect with like-minded individuals across their county, state, country, etc. Search for groups that already exist, have large memberships and are in your state. Look up keywords like “X County Democrats” or “[STATE] blue wave.” Think about reaching out to groups already oriented around progressive action, such as ones in support of former candidates and campaigns.

Join one of the DNC’s Facebook groups if you haven’t already:

DM groups on Twitter
Set up a DM group based on Democrats in your community (#VoteBlueNoMatterWho, etc. — but make sure they’re related to your state or community!) Engage in conversations and get others to join them as a way to share pertinent information with your new network.

Share your story!
Telling people about yourself, what you’re passionate about, and what drives you to fight for Democrats is always a good idea. You have a platform on social media – use it for moving people to take action!

Collect direct to camera (selfie!) videos from your friends and volunteers on why they’re supporting Democrats in the 2020 election — and be sure to include #DigitalIsOrganizing in your posts so we can find them.

Post them on Twitter, ask your Twitter DM list to uplift those posts, or share them in relevant Facebook groups. Tag us if you do!

Learn more about how to make your digital organizing accessible.

build relationships online
virtual events

Build Relationships online

We know that people organize their own communities best. So we’re asking you to do that online. As a local digital organize, you are an enormous asset to efforts to elect Democrats in November!

keep in touch with your community

Always send a thank you email or follow up text message to the people who attended your event.

Use Hustle
Hustle, a peer to peer texting tool, is offering services to help communities get in touch for free in the wake of COVID-19. Read more here:

And if you’re interested in joining the DNC’s texting team, sign up here!

Provide a volunteer experience that people want to return to!

engage your community
virtual events

Virtual Events

Here are some ideas for virtual events you can host:

Virtual watch parties for election night returns

Identify individuals who participate as leads and add them to your Twitter DM list where you can ask them to opt in for more events and voting information or share your other digital organizing content.

Virtual town halls
Invite people to come and share their thoughts on X topic, an issue that is pertinent during the 2020 election.

Virtual voting guide
Who and what is on the ballot in your state? What do they stand for? These are especially useful for less high-profile, down ballot candidates and campaigns.

Plan Your Events Around Big Moments
Digital Organizers connect with volunteers and voters through big moments and storytelling.When one of these big moments is happening, connect around hashtags, start a discussion in a Facebook group, and get folks talking!

Here are some examples: Debates, special elections, primaries, National Voter Registration Day, campaign office openings, voter registration deadlines, weekends of action, GOTV, and of course Election Day, are all some great examples of big moments to mobilize around.

Mobilize America (Our online events tool)
This guide will help you create virtual events.

Attend a DNC’s digital organizing training
Find these trainings at

Move Your Traditional Events Online
We know that we have to keep on organizing so consider some actions you can facilitate online and some volunteer activities that can be done remotely. Here are some of our ideas:

  1. Encourage folks to complete their Census form.
  2. Maybe there is some postcard or letter-writing to Congress that your organization needs done.
  3. Set up virtual phone banks and virtual text banks for your supporters.
  4. Host another type of virtual event that we’ve listed above.
  5. Attend or host an online training for your volunteers or supporters.
engage your community
Build Relationships online

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