Help is here! The Biden-Harris American Rescue Plan will help deliver direct payments to working people, get vaccines distributed around the country, provide schools the resources they need to reopen safely, and so much more.

You can read more about President Biden’s American Rescue Plan here, and we will break it down more below. This emergency legislative package will take bold action to change the course of the pandemic and build a bridge toward economic recovery.

This is one of the most progressive pieces of legislation in American history and the best thing you can do right now to take meaningful action is sharing your story online and sharing more information about the American Rescue Plan with your community. We need everyone to know that help is here. 


The American Rescue Plan will put money in people’s pockets, shots in people’s arms, and ensure that children can go back to school safely. You are our best storytellers when it comes to sharing information about how this historic legislation passed by Democrats in Congress and signed by President Biden is going to help make Americans’ lives better across the country.


Telling people about yourself, why you’re passionate about the American Rescue Plan, and anything else relevant that you’d like to share is really powerful for bringing other people into the conversation.


You can share your story through text, or video, or you can film a short 30 second - 1 minute long video clip. Drop your video in a relevant Facebook group or tag @TheDemocrats in your Instagram story and on Twitter.


Share these graphics with your networks to spread the word on what is in the American Rescue Plan, and what the passage of this bill means for millions of Americans.

A light blue image that reads "Thanks to the President's American Rescue Plan... A single mom making the minimum wage could see her income lifted by more than 50% or the equivalent of raising her wages from $7.25/hr to about $11/hr this year" A light blue graphic that reads "Thanks President Biden for the American Rescue Plan!" A light blue graphic that reads "President Biden's American Rescue Plan helped me" A light blue graphic that reads "The American Rescue Plan will lift 11 million people out of poverty, and cut child poverty in half." A light blue graphic that says "Thanks to the President's American Rescue Plan... The typical family of four making $100,000 will get $5,600 in direct check payments" A light blue graphic that reads "Thanks to the President's American Rescue Plan...85% of American households will receive a direct check of $1,400 per person" A light blue graphic that reads "Thanks to the President’s American Rescue Plan… millions of American families will see their health insurance premiums significantly lowered"


Check out the DNC events dashboard to learn more about additional ways you can take action for COVID-19 relief and spreading the word about the American Rescue Plan.

You can always reach us at to keep in touch or if you have any questions along the way!