The Civic Engagement and Voter Protection department works to promote fair and accessible elections. We do this in a number of ways: recruiting volunteers to assist with elections across the country, offering assistance through our year-round voter assistance hotline, running the IWillVote website, and monitoring a DNC Voter Protection Facebook Group.

To keep voters informed and up to date on the issues that matter, we offer a number of toolkits and webinars. In making these resources available to our constituents, we hope to enrich political and electoral knowledge amongst our constituents and encourage voters to be mindful of their voting rights.

Finally, to be successful in 2020 and beyond, Democrats believe in the importance of engaging with the next generation of voter protection advocates. Law students, dedicated attorneys, and passionate fair election proponents are the foundation of our success.

Staying Current


This is the DNC’s online voter resource hub. IWillVote gives voters access to the information they need leading up to Election Day. This website has two distinct features, allowing voters to:

  • Register to vote and update their voter information
  • Locate their polling location, check their registration status, and contact state election officials with further voting questions

2. Voter Assistance Hotlines

In English 1-833-DEM-VOTE (1-833-336-8683)

Text QUESTION to 43367

En Español 866-2YO-VOTO (866-296-8686)

Our voter hotline exists to answer questions that cannot be easily answered online. The hotline is monitored by DNC employees who are prepared to field questions pertaining to felon disenfranchisement, voter purging, poll worker misconduct, voter machines, accessibility, and more.

3. Social Media: DNC Voter Protection

Our Facebook page serves as an open forum for voters to share news concerning civic engagement and voter protection issues ahead of November. Our page helps centralize big stories and creates a space where group members can report what’s going on in their own communities. Our department also shares resources and volunteer/job opportunities for those interested in voter protection. Connect with us on Facebook to stay up to date on voter protection news, events, volunteer opportunities, and more in your area!

4. Newsletter

Sign-up for our biweekly newsletter for announcements in the world of voter protection, updates on litigation, and job and volunteer opportunities.

5. When to Use Each Resource

  • Use IWillVote to register to vote, update voter information, locate your polling location, and find information on all things voting!
  • Call the Voter Hotlines (1-833-DEM-VOTE or 866-2YO-VOTO) for complex issues
    • Or text QUESTION to 43367
  • Use Facebook to stay up to date with the DNC on voter protection news, events, volunteer opportunities, and more in your area!


How to Navigate

The toolkits provide information about voting for particular constituencies and also provide training on specific voter protection programs.

1. Debunking Vote-by-Mail Myths: This toolkit addresses common questions and myths around vote-by-mail.

2. Youth Poll Worker: This toolkit discusses how high school and college-aged students can support elections by becoming poll workers.

3. Pre-Registration: This toolkit discusses people under 18 pre-registering before their 18th birthday, including individual state-by-state processes, qualifications, and requirements.

4. Restoration of Rights: This toolkit discusses what steps formerly incarcerated individuals can take to restore their voting rights and continue being active members of their community.


1. Poll Worker: This webinar discusses training and information for poll workers.

2. Youth VotingThis webinar discusses young voter participation, overcoming the challenges facing young voters, and how young voters can get involved as poll workers and voter protection volunteers.

3. Protecting Your Voting Rights: This webinar discusses how preparing for the 2020 election starts now and four ways to protect your voting rights.

4. Voters with Disabilities: This webinar discusses the rights of voters with disabilities and how we protect the rights of voters with disabilities.

Law School Boot Camp

Our law school boot camp prepares the next generation of voter protection staff and volunteers. We recruit talent from the nation’s top law schools and train students in the states where they are needed most on Election Day. The goal of the boot camp is to prepare students to support the 2020 campaign and beyond!

Get Involved

We have plenty of volunteer opportunities available and getting plugged in is just a click away! We also offer internships every semester and our state parties are always growing their voter protection teams.