IN THE STATES: Biden Signs Inflation Reduction Act to Lower Costs

In the states this week, headlines from Arizona to Vermont highlighted President Biden signing Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act into law, meaning millions of American families can expect lower costs on prescription drugs, home energy, and more, as well as more good-paying jobs — no thanks to a single Republican in Congress. 

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison hit local TV stations this week to talk about how people across the states will benefit. 

Here’s what else voters in the states read about the Inflation Reduction Act this week:

Meanwhile, despite the fact that the Inflation Reduction Act will lower costs, fight inflation, and create good-paying jobs here in America, Republicans sided with Big Pharma and Big Oil over the American people, as not a single congressional Republican voted for the new law. Since then, they’ve been busy spreading misinformation about the law — and getting called out for it in local news across the country.