2024 Presidential Nominating Process

Since its appointment, the DNC’s Rules and Bylaws Committee has met regularly every four years to develop the foundational materials that govern the 2024 presidential nominating process. State Parties play a significant role in this process through the election of delegates to the National Convention where the Party’s presidential and vice presidential candidates are nominated and where the Party’s national platform is adopted. The DNC works closely with State Parties to ensure every state’s delegate selection process is open to all who wish to participate as Democrats and is conducted in conformity with the National Party’s rules and governing documents. 

The documents listed below will govern the Party’s Delegate Selection process and National Convention.

  • 2024 Delegate Selection Rules – The Rules governing our Party’s presidential nominating process.
  • Call for the 2024 Democratic National Convention – The Call includes information about the allocation of delegates, alternates, Standing Committee members and pages, as well as the temporary procedural rules of the Convention. 
  • Regulations of the Rules and Bylaws Committee For the 2024 Democratic National Convention – The Regulations provide guidance to the RBC and State Parties about the Rules, the Call, and other matters pertaining to the delegate selection process. 

The DNC’s Office of Party Affairs and Delegate Selection works with the Rules and Bylaws Committee and State Parties to provide assistance throughout the delegate selection process. They may be reached at PartyAffairs@dnc.org.

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