2024 Presidential Nominating Process

Every four years, the DNC begins designing the Delegate Selection Rules and a resulting nominating process for the next presidential election. The committee who drafts these rules, the Rules and Bylaws Committee (RBC), has begun discussing what the 2024 nominating process should look like. The members would like to build a process that reflects the diversity of the Party, gives presidential candidates the opportunity to meet voters of all types and ultimately produces the strongest possible Democratic nominee for president. 

While the Rules drafting process begins anew after each Presidential election, many norms and traditions carry over, including a rule that lets some states hold their nominating contest early– in past years this has included Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina and Nevada starting in 2008. 

This cycle, RBC members have committed to taking a critical look at all aspects of the nominating process, including how the pre-window states are selected.  To tht end, the committee agreed to select up to five states to hold early contests based on a set of criteria that include diversity, competitiveness in the general election, and the ability to administer a transparent and verifiable process. 

As the Committee proceeds, they would like your feedback on the early window selection process and the nominating calendar. Submit your thoughts here to create an official record of input on the pre-window schedule. 

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