The Latino Signature Program, Adelante, is focused on reaching and mobilizing Latino Voters where they are – online and in the community. The program is focused on telling the story of how Democrats have delivered for the Latino community using a combination of digital, paid media, mail, surrogates and direct voter contact in English and Spanish language as well as an investment in targeted Latino voter registration and mobilization efforts to mobilize non-active eligible Latino voters to register and vote.



Raise the profile of our Latino elected officials, cabinet secretaries, local party and community leaders and influencers.


Advise and collaborate with in-state Latino coalition directors for coordinated campaigns and meet with them regularly to ensure accessibility to DNC and Latino programming from the coordinated/state staff. 

Political Organizing

Build a strong coalition that includes national and local Latino organizations to create buy-in and positive working relationships with democrats.


  • The Biden-Harris Administration has taken historic steps to promote civil rights, racial equity, and economic prosperity for Latino communities across the country. No other president has empowered and accomplished so much for Hispanics.
  • Since the day of his inauguration, President Biden and the Democrats have served Latinos by taking historic steps in favor of the different diasporas that make up the great Latino community.
  • Never have so many Latinos held key positions in the federal cabinet. President Biden appointed the most diverse cabinet in history after taking office, and Latinos play a starring role.
  • Hispanics are living in a historic moment, and President Biden is offering us the tools and leadership to empower and help Latino communities improve their quality of life, succeed, and fulfill the American dream.
  • President Biden and Democrats in Congress got down to work to deliver for the American people and deliver results that will improve lives for all, and they have given a special place to the priority of Latinos. With Adelante, our latino signature  program, we will continue to build a brighter path together, fighting shoulder to shoulder with our Latino people so that they have the opportunities they deserve and achieve great things for them.
  • President Biden and the Democrats recognize that the future and prosperity of the United States is directly tied to the success of Latino families and communities across the country. They know that Latinos are a vital part of their social and economic fabric and that our colors and flavors make this great nation of immigrants what it is. Latinos, with the Democrats, look Adelante.

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