1. Help your friends be voters too

Triple your vote 

In organizing, we have a principle called “vote tripling.” Vote tripling is simple but powerful: it means asking three friends to vote, and helping make sure they follow through. Vote tripling is a proven way to multiply the impact of your vote — and win.

Pick three friends to text, call, or email and ask them if they are ready with a plan to vote. Use to help them make their plans!

Questions to ask: (Tip: has the answers to all of these!)

  1. Have you decided when you’re voting?
  2. Do you know what you need to bring? Your state education page on IWillVote will be able to help you!
  3. Do you know where to go? Send them to
  4. Are your friends and family ready to vote too? Can you check in with three of them?

Share that you’re a voter

This is an illustration of an "I Voted" sticker, in an oval with an American flag. Around the oval sticker are illustrations of ballots, ballot boxes, envelopes, and American flags.

Show you’re proud to be a voter — share your voter status on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and encourage your community to vote as well.

Post a picture of your “I Voted” sticker, or download a virtual sticker here to share. Direct message folks who like or comment on your post and ask them if they have a plan to vote.

Be a voter education ambassador

Share our voter education graphics and videos with your friends and family by downloading the Greenfly app on your phone. Once you download Greenfly, enter the code DEMSVOLUNTEER and we’ll send you graphics and videos that you can share directly on your social media about voting and getting out the vote!

Use graphics and videos to organize your online communities. Think about the online communities you are part of — Facebook groups, online forums, community apps like NextDoor, email listservs, and more. These are great places to share information about voting and amplify your impact. Point folks to for the most updated info so they can make their voices heard.

Download this graphic and share.


2. Volunteer where it’s needed most

We’re calling and texting voters in critical battleground states — and every conversation makes a difference.

3. Sign up to be a poll worker

Help your community vote by signing up to be a poll worker. You can make a powerful difference.