Mobilize America 101

What Is Mobilize?

Mobilize is an online platform used to support community organizing.

  • Organizers can create events, invite others to take action with them, and manage their events all in one place.
  • Users can search for events and easily find ways to volunteer and get involved.


 ☎ Setting up a Phone Bank Hub Event in Mobilize ☎

Click HERE to head to our Phone Bank Hub registration page

    1. Under basic info:
      • Set the event name — this should have a descriptive title
        • Listing the event location first is particularly important for in-person events. You may choose to include the city/town, neighborhood, and/or county. Try to avoid listing state house or senate districts — volunteers are less likely to know theirs off the top of their head. You can specify these in the event description.
        • Offer a clear, concise summary of what will happen at the event, free of jargon or shorthand.
          • Ex: Use phone bank instead of “PB,” and write out get out the vote instead of “GOTV.”
        • Group name can be included if relevant.
      • Fill in the event description
        • Tell your guests what to expect at your event. This description will be visible to attendees before they sign up for the event.
  1. Tags
    • If your event is intended to serve a specific constituency or if it’s part of a special period like get out the vote or a weekend of action, tag it as such. Your regional manager will let you know if they’d like you to use a specific tag for your event.
  2. Visibility
    • Mark your event as public if you want it to be visible on the events feed. Private events are only accessible through a direct link.
  3. Add private details under the “how to prepare” section, if applicable
    • Anything you add to this section will be included in the automated email that attendees receive when they sign up for your event. This can include additional helpful information such as what to expect or other directions for your attendees. If you’re hosting a virtual event, you should add the Zoom link here.
  4. Under location, add a ZIP code
    • Even if your event is virtual, include a ZIP code. This makes it easier for people browsing our feed to find events near them.
    • If you’re hosting an in-person event, the location section will match the address you enter into Google Maps.
      • If you’re hosting an in-person event at a private residence, check “only attendees can see this location” so that only people who sign up will be able to see the event address.
  5. Indicate your event’s ADA accessibility
    • You are not required to include location accessibility information, but you may if the venue has provided specific accessibility instructions/guidance.
  6. List your contact information
    • Include your first and last name, cell phone, and email address. This will only be visible to people who sign up for the event.
  7. Optional: Add event co-hosts
    • If you’re organizing an event in collaboration with someone else, giving them co-host access will allow them to view and edit signups for the event. 
  8. Add your event shifts
    • You can enter a single time or auto-populate the list with recurring times to create ongoing daily, weekly, or monthly events. For recurring events like weekly phone banks, you can list as many days and times as you like with no need to create separate phone bank events.
  9. For virtual events, remember to add the video call information
    • You can do this in bulk as you’re adding a batch of shifts, if all the shifts will use the same Zoom/Google Meet link, or you can add separate links individually to each shift.
  10. Once submitted, your event will be reviewed and approved by staff within 24-48 hours


Managing an Event in Mobilize

Once your event is approved, you’ll have access to your event dashboard. All event management functionality is built into this page.

  1. Share your event link and recruit guests
    • When sharing your event, make sure you use the public link — not the dashboard link. If you see the word “dashboard” in the URL, that link is NOT for public use. 
  2. Email attendees button
    • Clicking the email attendees button allows you to fill in a form that sends an email message from your dashboard to all attendees who have signed up for the event.
  3. Edit button
    • The edit button unlocks the basic event information so it can be changed or updated. After editing any of the details, it’s best to notify your guests using the email attendees tool.
  4. Export signups
    • Clicking the export signups button will trigger Mobilize to send you an email with a link to a spreadsheet with all the attendee signups for your event (all dates and shifts). Included on the spreadsheet is information like the attendee’s name, phone number, and email address which can be used for recruitment, confirmations, and follow-up and should be added to your full contact list.
  5. View shift details
    • Each date/time/shift will be listed at the bottom of the event dashboard. The time will be highlighted in blue and is a clickable link. Clicking the link will take you to a dashboard for the individual date/time/shift.