Ethnic Council

The National Democratic Ethnic Coordinating Council (“The Ethnic Council”) is an important part of the Democratic Party, uniting people across all ethnic, racial, national origin, and religious identifications. The Council draws on America’s common heritage as a nation of immigrants committed to democracy, human rights, peace, opportunity, fairness, and freedom—and exemplifies the spirit of the Democratic Party’s proud and lasting tradition of community development, opportunity, and empowerment.

The Democratic Party’s Ethnic Council stands for the immigrant heritage of America and gained its strength as far back as the 1930s by becoming the voice of working Americans. We have not outgrown these fundamental ideas.

Our Ethnic Council is a broad coalition of recognized leaders representing Democratic networks that are organized among all backgrounds, faiths, ethnicities, and demographic or geographic origins. The Ethnic Council serves as the forum for coordination, cooperation, and consensus building among these diverse groups, as well as the vehicle for the public assertion and advancement of their shared aspirations.