Here’s a guide for how to organize in online community groups based on your state across Facebook 

Search for groups that already exist, have large memberships and are in your state.

Find more groups to join that are specific to your community (or former community, did you grow up somewhere different than you live now? What about where you went to college?)  Some ideas of types of groups you can search for on Facebook:

  • Local high school parent / alumni groups
  • Local place of worship congregation groups or pages
  • Local restaurants or bars that have a committed following
  • Local sports teams or associations
  • “You know you’re from <X city> when….”
  • Local attraction groups
  • Local volunteer groups (Lions Club, etc)
  • Anything else (VFW, Boy/Girl Scouts, etc)
  • Former notable political candidates (e.g. Stacey Abrams in GA, Scott Walker in WI)

After you identify these groups, if you feel comfortable, please post directly to the group to share your COVID-19 relief bill story with a call to action to call your senators. 

    • Start by introducing yourself and explain your ties to the state. You can also try messaging an administrator or other active member of the group to post on our behalf if you are not comfortable posting directly.

Maintain your relationship with this group so you can refer back to it in the future by commenting on other people’s posts and show interest in what the group members have to say. Be sure to check back from time to time to make sure people are following through on their actions.