During a time of accelerated Republican efforts to thwart the electoral process and disenfranchise voters, primarily in communities of color, we all have an important role to play in defending American democracy. H.R.1, otherwise known as the For The People Act, combats these Republican efforts by working to reform our democracy for the better. Passing this legislation will put power back in the hands of the American people so that we can find solutions to the challenges facing our country – from the climate crisis, to income inequality, to gun violence and more. We need your help to get it done!

A Party of Action: Our Plan

H.R. 1, the For The People Act, is the most significant voting rights and democracy reform passed in more than half a century. We will break it down more below.

The For The People Act will:

  • Fight big money in politics. We will take on the power of special interests, end dark money, and ensure public officials are working in the public interest.
  • Expand voting rights. We will ensure that we have secure, accurate elections and stop targeted voter suppression efforts designed to stop specific groups of people from participating in our democracy.
  • End extreme partisan gerrymandering. We will create a non-partisan, open process to draw transparent and fair congressional district maps.
  • Hold elected officials accountable. We will implement tougher ethics laws to ensure elected officials are held accountable.

Now that the bill has passed in the House, Democrats must organize grassroots support to ensure this legislation is enacted in the Senate too. Take action below:

Call your senator

Ensure the senators in your state understand the importance of this legislation by calling their office and demanding they vote yes on S. 1 (the name of the For The People Act when it reaches the Senate). Call your own senators at 202-224-3121.

Share resources

Help garner support for this bill by sharing information and the link to this website to spread information about what is in this package with your network today! Your community needs to know what is possible if we band together to make it happen.

Share your story

Telling people about yourself, why you’re passionate about the For The People Act, and anything else relevant that you’d like to share is really powerful for bringing other people into the conversation.