GOP Debate Content

Tonight, as the extreme slate of MAGA Republican presidential candidates heads to Milwaukee for their first debate, Team Biden-Harris will be organizing for the Democratic values and freedoms that the Biden-Harris administration works for every day.

It doesn’t matter who “wins” the debate on Wednesday, the Republican presidential candidates have all chosen a losing strategy that is extreme, MAGA, and out of touch with the American people. Meanwhile, Democrats are fighting to lower prescription drug costs, protect abortion access, and create more jobs to grow the economy. 

During the GOP debate, we ask that you use the content below to share your story with your online communities and use the hashtag #StopMAGARepublicans.

Where Democrats are passing historic legislation to lower prescription drug costs, make investments in combating climate change, and protect our democracy, the MAGA Republican candidates want to take us back. It’s important to share why you’re supporting President Biden and Vice President Harris with your communities during the GOP debate, because the MAGA Republican candidates do not reflect our values. 

We want to hear how President Biden and Vice President Harris are fighting for your freedoms while MAGA Republicans are working hard to take them away.