IWillVote.com offers voters up-to-date information about where, when, and how to vote. Since 2018, the IWillVote polling location widget has allowed down ballot campaigns, presidential primary candidates, and state parties to embed the polling location lookup feature of IWillVote.com directly onto their own websites.

In order to make these voting resources easily accessible to any entity, the DNC has decided to open source the code for the IWillVote polling location widget.

Using a few lines of code, any organization can embed the widget, customize it for their brand, and choose the language (English or Spanish). Voters can then enter their address directly on the organization’s website. Upon submitting their address, the voter will be shown their voting location options (including dropbox locations) on IWillVote.com.

Up-to-date polling locations

IWillVote provides voters with up-to-date voting locations (including dropbox and drop off locations). Voting locations are sourced directly from each state, then standardized, geocoded, and quality checked by the DNC.

To get notified when the locations are available, subscribe to this email list.

To learn more about how polling locations are sourced and updated, check out this Medium post from the DNC Tech team.

Get started

Get the widget code in the IWillVote widget developer guide:



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