​Trump-Republican Agenda: Higher Premiums, Higher Gas Prices, Record Profits For Corporations And Bi

Gas prices and health insurance costs are going up for working families, as the biggest banks experience record profits and wealthy shareholders receive record returns from the massive giveaways the Trump tax gave to big corporations.


Here’s a snapshot of the Trump-Republican agenda:


  • Higher premiums: ACA insurance premiums are expected to rise an average of 15 percent next year because of Republican sabotage, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget office.


  • Higher gas prices: Gas prices Trump said he would have “tremendous power over” continue to rise and are already at the highest level since 2014.


  • Record profits for banks: Banks reported a record $56 billion in profits in just the first three months of the year thanks to the Trump tax.


  • Record profits for corporations: Many corporations are already making record profits, and first-quarter profits for big corporations are expected to be the highest in seven years as a result of the Trump tax.

  • Record benefits for wealthy shareholders, not workers: Big corporations have used their massive tax savings to reward wealthy shareholders, not workers, with record-setting buybacks on pace to top $1 trillion this year.