🤡 Never-Ending Clown Show: New DNC Projection Slams House GOP on Day 20 With No Speaker

As the House GOP finishes its 20th straight day of paralyzing the People’s House, the DNC is rolling out a new projection in Washington, D.C. to call out the House Republicans for their clown show. The new video was projected on the National Gallery of Art near the Capitol on Monday evening.  

DNC Spokesperson Sarafina Chitika released the following statement:

“Americans want strong and steady leadership, not this never-ending MAGA circus. Instead of honking at each other and jumping through hoops to find the most extreme speaker, House Republicans need to get their act together and join President Biden and Democrats who remain focused on delivering for hardworking families at home and standing up for our allies abroad. Enough with the GOP clown show.”

Watch the projection here

Americans are fed up with House Republicans and want the drama to end as the world looks to the United States for leadership.

The Messenger: “Two-Thirds Say House Needs to Elect Speaker Quickly: Poll”

Two-thirds of Americans think the House should elect a Speaker as soon as possible, a new USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll shows, while a quarter of respondents say they do not care whether someone is elected or not.”

USA Today: “’Get their act together’: Voters express frustration, anxiety over House speaker chaos”

House Republicans themselves agree — their conference is a complete mess. 

Kevin McCarthy: “This is embarrassing for the Republican Party, it’s embarrassing for the nation.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene: “Our Republican conference is in big trouble.” 

Taylor Greene: “This [Republican] conference is broken.”

Michael McCaul: “This is probably one of the most embarrassing things I’ve seen, because if we don’t have a speaker of the House, we can’t govern.”

Mike Turner: “Having a House that’s not function[ing] is certainly a security threat for our country.”

Tony Nehls: “It just seems like we are … dysfunctional right now.”

Mark Alford: “It does not send a good message, to tell you the truth.”