🦃 Bidenomics Is Gobbling Down Food and Travel Costs for American Families This Thanksgiving

President Biden’s Bidenomics agenda is serving up lower costs directly to the Thanksgiving table this year, with a cornucopia of Thanksgiving necessities — from travel to turkey to gas — trotting to their lowest prices since the pandemic. While MAGA Republicans are pushing an extreme agenda to raise costs and cut taxes for the ultra-rich, Bidenomics is providing relief for working families just in time for the holidays. 

Thanks to Bidenomics, Thanksgiving costs from turkeys to cranberries have fallen.

NBC News: “Thanksgiving costs down this year from turkey to travel”

CNN: “Thanksgiving dinner will be less expensive this year. You can thank turkeys (and cooling inflation)”

CNBC: “Thanksgiving dinner will be cheaper this year thanks to lower turkey costs, survey shows”

“A Thanksgiving dinner this year will gobble up less of your wallet, thanks in large part to lower turkey prices. … Almost everything on the Thanksgiving menu is lower – prices for cranberries have dropped 18%. But the main reason for the decrease is due to the star of the show — the turkey. This year, a 16-pound turkey is averaging $27.35, down 5.6% from a year ago.”

While Thanksgiving feasts are getting more affordable, travel costs have gone down as well — including gas prices reaching their lowest level since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Financial Times: “Falling fuel prices and airfares bring relief ahead of US Thanksgiving”

Forbes: “Thanksgiving Gas Prices Could Hit Lowest Level Since 2020 — As Cost Keeps Sliding”

“Gas prices nationwide have been decreasing for weeks — and are expected to keep falling — ahead of a Thanksgiving travel period that experts and the Transportation Security Administration expect to be one of the busiest in years, but could be the most affordable for drivers since November 2020.”

CNN: “Gas prices are tumbling, just in time for Thanksgiving”

“The last time it was this cheap to travel by car for Thanksgiving, almost no one was on the roads. Just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday travel rush, gas prices are tumbling fast. … If prices stay near current levels, this would be the cheapest gas price on Thanksgiving Day since 2020 when Covid-19 caused many Americans to stay off the roads altogether.”

CNBC: “U.S. gas prices are falling and could hit the cheapest Thanksgiving day price since 2020”

Even right-wing outlet Newsmax knows that Bidenomics is delivering for hardworking families.

Newsmax: “Thanksgiving Meal Costs Americans 4.5% Less This Year”

“With gas prices and airfares falling it will be cheaper for Americans to get to Grandma’s or wherever they celebrate Thanksgiving this year, and when they arrive they’ll find another happy price shock: The turkey and sides will cost less than last year. The American Farm Bureau Federation’s annual survey of holiday food prices out Wednesday shows the full spread will run a party of 10 about 4.5% less in 2023 than in 2022.”