#1 In The World… For Worst COVID Response

Trump’s failures left the United States with the worst coronavirus response in the world — and it’s not even close.

The U.S. has the most coronavirus cases and the most coronavirus deaths in the world.

CNN: “The US has 4% of the world’s population but 25% of its coronavirus cases”

Voice Of America: “U.S. leads in cases and deaths, with 5.6 million infections, more than 175,000 death”

Americans are six times more likely to die from coronavirus than other wealthy nations, and eight times more likely to get infected since July.

Axios: “Over the past several weeks, the coronavirus has killed Americans at six times the average rate in other rich countries. And we’re recording about eight times more infections.  Why it matters: The virus burned through the rich world like wildfire in the spring, but this new data confirms that the U.S. is one of very few wealthy countries that have failed to suppress it since then.”

Under Trump, the U.S. has been unique in its failure to respond to coronavirus.

New York Times: “Yet even with all of these problems, one country stands alone, as the only affluent nation to have suffered a severe, sustained outbreak for more than four months: the United States.”

CNN: “US ranks near the bottom in assessment of global pandemic response”

Americans know Trump’s response has been a failure, and they’re embarrassed by it.

CNN: “Nearly 7 in 10 Americans say the US response to the coronavirus outbreak makes them feel embarrassed, according to a new CNN Poll conducted by SSRS, as 62% of the public says President Donald Trump could be doing more to fight the outbreak.”

Monmouth: “Most Americans (52%) think the United States’ handling of the pandemic is worse than other countries. Just 15% feel the U.S. is a doing a better job than others and 29% say it is doing about the same.”