2022 REMINDER: DeSantis Will Have to Run on His Anti-Science, Anti-Choice, Anti-Truth Record

Today, Ron DeSantis announced his plans to run for reelection in 2022. Time and time again, DeSantis has made it abundantly clear that he couldn’t care less about the health and safety of Floridians, as he recklessly pursues an anti-science agenda that cost thousands of lives and left families out to dry when they needed help the most. We know exactly what Ron DeSantis has been up to for the last three years, and we’ll make sure every Florida voter knows about his extreme and dangerous track record. 

1. DeSantis repeatedly downplayed the severity of COVID-19 and told his constituents to just “deal with” new waves of the pandemic, even as cases, deaths, and hospitalizations spiraled out of control.

Politico: “Florida Covid hospitalizations shatter record as DeSantis downplays threat”

NBC 6: “As COVID Hits Florida’s Children, DeSantis Stands Firm, Says ‘Deal With’ It”

2. DeSantis has consistently undermined the safety of vaccines and sided with anti-vaxxers, and he even hired an anti-vaxx, anti-mask surgeon general who has a long history of going against the science. 

Florida Politico Playbook: “The governor stood quietly by as Gainesville employees upset with a vaccine mandate suggested that taking the vaccine could kill them or alter their genes.”

Tampa Bay Times: “Gov. Ron DeSantis said Florida will fine local governments $5,000 for each employee who is required to be vaccinated, threatening some cities and counties with millions of dollars in penalties for adopting strict vaccine ‘mandates.’ During a Monday news conference in Gainesville, DeSantis vowed to fight that city’s requirement that employees be vaccinated by the end of the month or be fired.”

Politico: “Gov. Ron DeSantis picked the controversial Ladapo last month because of his reticence toward Covid-19 pandemic safety measures such as wearing face masks and relying on vaccines to slow down spread, which are in line with the Republican governor.”

3. DeSantis’s administration tried to cover up its disastrous COVID response and cut emergency benefits for struggling Florida families as COVID spread like wildfire across the state.

Miami Herald: “Florida changed its COVID-19 data, creating an ‘artificial decline’ in recent deaths”

Washington Post: “In Florida, DeSantis cut jobless aid just as virus began terrifying new wave”

4. DeSantis endangered Florida’s teachers, students, and school staff by issuing an executive order banning mask requirements in schools to score political points. 

NBC News: “DeSantis has issued an executive order banning mask mandates in schools and threatened consequences for districts that defy the order.”

Politico: “Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is threatening the salaries of school officials who mandate masks.”

Bloomberg: “A letter from 800 Florida physicians Friday said that DeSantis’s ‘one-size-fits-all’ edict for schools will ‘only make matters worse,’ as the state faces its most dramatic surge in Covid hospitalizations ever.”

5. DeSantis signed a blatant voter suppression bill limiting the ability of organizations to register voters and imposing new restrictions on vote-by-mail.

CNN: “Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signs restrictive voting bill”

NPR: “DeSantis signed the bill on Thursday morning at a private event with a fan club for former President Donald Trump. Local reporters were banned from the event, but it was carried live on Fox News.”

Sun Sentinel Editorial: “Secretive DeSantis signs flawed voting law that courts should reject”

6. DeSantis attacked reproductive health care and said he would consider signing an abortion ban similar to the one enacted in Texas. 

WPLG: “DeSantis to consider ‘fetal heartbeat’ abortion ban in Florida like Texas”

Associated Press: “After the Supreme Court decision earlier this month, GOP leadership began looking at what could be done in Florida. DeSantis said he thought the law was interesting and Republican Senate President Wilton Simpson expressed support for a similar law.”

Sun Sentinel: “DeSantis quietly signs controversial bill requiring parental consent for abortions”

Ron DeSantis is clearly wrong for Floridians, but don’t just take our word for it: 

Orlando Sentinel Editorial Board: “We’re begging you, Gov. DeSantis, stop messing in Texas and save Florida from COVID”

Miami Herald Editorial: “As Florida’s DeSantis descends into anti-vaxx Crazyville, Miami-Dade Schools follows the data”

Tampa Bay Times Editorial: “Gov. DeSantis snubbed $820 million in federal food aid and won’t say why”

Tampa Bay Times Editorial: “Gov. DeSantis’ overreach on wearing masks in Florida schools”