2024 GOP Messy Primary — Week 1

One week into the Republican primary and it’s already shaping up to be a messy affair.

Trump’s big announcement turned out to be a snooze fest with even his own supporters wanting to leave early. Sad!

Next, came the GOP’s big cattle call at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s conference in Las Vegas where the knives were very much out. Some Republicans tried to distance themselves from Donald Trump and his MAGA agenda that led to a dramatic underperformance by MAGA candidates across the country in 2022.

Washington Post: “New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu implored Republicans to stop nominating ‘crazy, unelectable candidates’ at the Republican Jewish Coalition meeting here…” 

USA Today“‘We keep losing and losing and losing,’ said former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie… ‘And the fact of the matter is the reason we’re losing is because Donald Trump has put himself before everybody else.’”

Washington Post: “‘I don’t think he will be uncontested,’ [Texas GOP Senator and 2016 presidential contender Ted] Cruz said this weekend.”

POLITICO: “‘It’s not a runaway, and he’s the former friggin’ president. How could that be?’ Sununu said of Trump. ‘If you’re a former president and you’re not clearing the field, what the hell are you doing?’”

And don’t just take it from us that this primary will be messy. For any Republican hoping their nominee will make it out unscathed — these headlines tell a different story.

Fox News: “Trump takes incoming fire from potential GOP nomination rivals at first major 2024 cattle call”

POLITICO: “2024 Republican rivals put Trump on notice” 

CNN: “Donald Trump is at his weakest political position in years”

The New York Times: “A Crowd of Possible Trump Rivals Renews G.O.P. Fears of a Divided Field”

The Washington Post: “GOP 2024 hopefuls chart paths to run against or around Trump”

And the GOP’s messy primary is only just beginning.