3 Out of 3 RNC Chairs Agree: Republicans Have Failed to Govern

The Republicans are in chaos at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue. America is in crisis at home and abroad, but Trump and Republicans are paralyzed without a single achievement to show for the last 7 months. Don’t believe us? Just ask the three most recent Republican National Committee chairs. In the words of current RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel: Republicans “should do better. This isn't OK.”


Current Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel: “It is hard to go and make the case ‘Give us the majority again’ when we haven’t accomplished the things that we ran on.”


Former Chair Reince Priebus: “Obviously, coming together as a party is something that I think we’ve had too much difficulty doing…You can have a majority. But if you don’t have a governing majority, you can’t get things done.” 


Former Chair Michael Steele: “I would not expect a whole lot of policy getting done for the rest of this year at this point.”