3 Questions For Mitch McConnell Ahead of His Press Conference

Today, Senator Mitch McConnell will hold another press conference to gaslight Americans about Republicans’ war on the right to vote. Let’s be very clear — Republicans at the national and state level have shown a gross dedication to consistently make millions of voters jump through hoops to exercise their constitutional right to vote. No amount of lies can erase the truth — Republicans are waging war on the right to vote because they know that they can only win elections by cheating. 

Given Mitch McConnell’s recent remarks gaslighting the American people on the actions of his own party, his press conference is the perfect opportunity to raise some pretty important questions.

  • You said a week ago that the notion state legislatures would try to overturn the will of the voters and send different electors to Congress is “ridiculous.” There are countless examples of efforts to do this in 2020 and 13 new anti-voter bills were pre-filed for this year just last month. Do you take back your claim?
  • How do you rationalize Republicans at the state level limiting voting drop box hours, limiting voting windows, and even banning delivering water to voters who are stuck in hours-long lines after Republicans cut polling locations? Are these not an attack on voting rights? What is your response to the actions of Republican state legislatures across the country to make it harder to vote?
  • In 2004 you said about pre-clearance, “I cannot think of any reason why anyone on either side of the aisle would oppose the protection of the franchise of all Americans. If so, we potentially jeopardize the fundamental tenet of our representative democracy.” Why are you opposing restoring pre-clearance and other key tenets of the Voting Rights Act now, which you have previously supported?