4 Questions for Kevin McCarthy in MI Today

As Kevin McCarthy travels to Michigan today to campaign for Tom Barrett, Barrett is catching flack for lying about his anti-choice record. And he’s not the only one – more and more Republicans are trying to erase long-held extreme views on taking away Americans’ reproductive freedom. 

That begs the question – does McCarthy think Republicans like Barrett should be trying to lie about their anti-choice agenda from voters? We thought someone should ask Kevin, so here are 4 questions for McCarthy as he stumps for Tom Barrett in Michigan today:

  1. Did you or the NRCC advise Barrett and other Republican candidates to lie about their extreme positions on abortion? 
  1. Why are so many Republicans now lying about their views on abortion if it will not be a top issue for voters, as you recently claimed?
  1. Do you think abortion and GOP’s anti-choice agenda is a liability for Republicans this November and should Republicans continue to run on banning abortion?
  1. Do you still support a federal abortion ban?