5 Key Questions for Congressional Republicans

While President Biden and Democrats work tirelessly to rebuild our economy so it works for everyone, lower costs for working families, and invest in our nation’s infrastructure, Republicans in the House and Senate will stop at nothing to block this critical agenda. Americans deserve answers, so here’s a few questions we have for congressional Republicans: 

1. Do Kevin McCarthy and House Republican leadership realize that the supply chain issues, like those they blamed President Biden for in last week’s letter, would be addressed by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal they’re whipping against?

2. Republicans are making Christmas a central theme in their messaging. Would Republicans prefer to go back to the Trump economy of December 2020, when unemployment was 6.7%, 5 million fewer Americans had a job, and millions more families struggled through the holiday season?

3. Why did Republicans support tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations, and now oppose making sure the ultra-wealthy pay their fair share to cut taxes for the middle class? Do Republicans believe the 700 or so billionaires should pay low tax effective tax rates while everyday Americans shoulder the burden?

4. Do Republicans agree with Donald Trump that January 6 was a “protest,” not a violent assault on our democracy, and are Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell willing to continue to stand by and protect extremists in their own party? Why do Republicans continue to indulge Trump’s dangerous lies and definitively say the 2020 election was not an insurrection? 

5. Why did Senate Republicans unanimously block voting rights legislation for the third time this year, without even having the courage to allow debate on the issue?