5 Questions for Hill Republicans 

Congress is back in session, and as always, congressional Republicans owe their constituents some answers. 

Every Republican in Congress needs to make clear where they stand: 

Will you condemn the defeated former president for praising Putin as “smart” and “genius” while innocent Ukrainians are enduring bombs and missiles?
Why do Republicans in Congress – like your colleague Rick Scott – believe they should raise income taxes on over half of Americans, including seniors and retirees? Do you agree with Rick Scott’s plan?
Do you support Kevin McCarthy’s plan to reinstate Marjorie Taylor Greene to her committees if Republicans win majorities, even after she spoke at a white nationalist conference this weekend? 
What is your plan to combat inflation and to help lower prices for hardworking families? 
Why won’t Republicans on the Senate Banking Committee show up to do their job to vote on Fed nominees who can do the most to tackle inflation?