6 Ways Trump Sabotaged ACA Open Enrollment

Today is the beginning of the Affordable Care Act’s open enrollment period.  Open enrollment runs through December 15 and you can sign up at www.healthcare.gov.


Democrats want everyone to know about open enrollment so all Americans know they have the opportunity to buy insurance and remain insured. Trump doesn’t want anyone to find out about open enrollment, because he doesn’t want the ACA to succeed.


Here are 6 of the worst ways Trump has worked to sabotage ACA open enrollment


  1. The Trump administration again scheduled downtime for the healthcare.gov website weekly throughout the open enrollment period.


  1. The open enrollment period is now half as long as it used to be before the Trump administration’s sabotage.

  1. The Trump administration is promoting junk insurance plans that undermine the ACA marketplace and may not provide the level of coverage people need.

  1. The Trump administration slashed millions of dollars from outreach programs and advertising aimed at enrolling people in Obamacare plans.

  1. The Trump administration limited and even abandoned state and community partnerships that have played a key role in enrolling harder-to-reach demographics.

  1. Trump’s HHS spent taxpayer resources to produce anti-ACA videos and scrubbed its website of useful consumer guidance on the ACA.