A Reminder for House Republicans: The Build Back Better Framework Is Really Popular

Ahead of House Republicans’ latest attempt to distract from the progress Democrats are making for hardworking Americans, we’re here to remind them that President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda is extremely popular and will deliver for middle-class families.

Here are some questions Republicans should have to answer at today’s press conference:

1. How will Republicans explain to their voters why they oppose lower health care costs, tax cuts for families, and investments to take on climate change?

2. What are Republicans’ reasons for protecting the wealthiest Americans from paying what they owe?

3. Republicans have recently added Thanksgiving as a central theme in their messaging. With consumer confidence up, unemployment claims down, and more people spending money in the economy as COVID is on the retreat, do Republicans really believe last year’s Thanksgiving when we couldn’t gather with our families and there were long lines outside food banks was better?

It doesn’t matter if it’s lowering costs for families, taking on the climate crisis, delivering affordable child care, or making the wealthy pay what they owe — Republicans are united in fighting against popular, life-changing legislation. IN CASE THEY MISSED IT: 

Newsweek: “80% of Americans Bothered Corporations, Wealthy Don’t Pay ‘Fair Share’ of Taxes: Poll”

NPR: “1 in 3 working families is struggling to find the child care they desperately need” 

CBS News: “Most Americans say climate change is a crisis, new study shows” 

Associated Press: “The new AP-NORC/EPIC poll also shows that 55% of Americans want Congress to pass a bill to ensure that more of the nation’s electricity comes from clean energy and less from climate-damaging coal and natural gas.”

Gallup: “Seven in ten (70%) U.S. adults say lowering health insurance premiums should be a high priority for President Joe Biden and his administration”

Republicans can talk all they want about being the party of the working class, but until they stop bashing and get on board with making real progress, we’ll be here to hold them accountable for repeatedly failing the American people.