A Snapshot of the Democratic National Convention Delegates

If you looked at the people on stage and in the audience at both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, the difference was obvious—our convention was diverse!

Of the 4,766 delegates at the Democratic National Convention, there were:

2,887 women

1,182 black men or women

292 Asian Americans

747 Latinos or Latinas

147 Native Americans

633 LGBTQ-identified people

By comparison, only 18 of 2,472 delegates at the RNC were black men or women. And the contrast was obvious from the podium as well. On the first night of the DNC alone, 30 women took the stage—compared to just seven women on the first night of the RNC. According to Politico, more than 80% of the speakers at the RNC were white.

Just looking at the numbers, it’s plain to see: our Party represents the future of America, not the past.