ACA Repeal Will Result In Massive Losses In Health Care Coverage and Job Losses in Arizona

No matter which version of the bill Senate Republicans, including Senator Flake, are scheming to pass, the end product will strip health care from thousands of Arizonans. Instead of answering to the people who elected him, Senator Flake is expected to vote on repeal bill that would cause millions of Americans to lose their health insurance and cause premiums to skyrocket.

“Senator Flake and his Republican colleagues’ commitment to repeal the Affordable Care Act is dangerous. It would throw millions of Americans off their health care coverage and fracture local economies. In Arizona alone, as many as 33,900 people could lose their jobs and 709,000 Arizonans could lose healthcare coverage by repealing the Affordable Care Act. Any kind of repeal will be devastating to Arizona’s families,” said DNC spokesperson Vedant Patel.


If the ACA is repealed, 709,000 Arizonans could lose coverage. According to the Joint Economic Committee, if Senate Republicans vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) without a replacement plan 709,000 Arizonans would lose their health care. [Joint Economic Committee. 7/26/17]

If the ACA is repealed, 33,900 Arizonans could lose their jobs. State economies will shed jobs and take a hit to economic growth, 33,900 Arizonans could lose their jobs across the health care, construction, retail, and financial industries. [Joint Economic Committee. 7/26/17