Across From Closing Plant, DNC Chair Joins Michigan Democrats to Highlight Trump’s Broken Economic Promises

Across from Soon-to-be-Closed Auto Plant in Warren, Democrats Highlight How Trump’s Economy Leaves Working Families Behind 


WARREN — DNC Chair Tom Perez joined Representative Dan Kildee across the street from a closing auto plant in Warren to highlight Trump’s broken promises on the economy. In 2016, Trump came to Warren and promised, “If I’m elected you won’t lose one plant… you’re going to have jobs again.”


The event culminated Democrats’ multi-week long campaign ahead of the second Democratic presidential primary debate in Detroit highlighting how voters’ personal economy is a weakness for Trump in 2020: health care costs are out of control; factories continue to close; and his tax scam is only helping the wealthiest few. In fact, a recent AP poll found that few voters approve of his handling of the economy, and a new poll found a majority of Michigan voters disapprove of Trump’s handling of his job as president.


The DNC also recently released a research brief detailing Trump’s economic record in Michigan, which is available here.


DNC Chair Tom Perez: “The trail of broken promises from Donald Trump runs long and wide and across America —  the number of job loses in the auto industry is at its highest point since the Great Recession, manufacturing jobs in Michigan have gone down under this President…At his core, he has been incompetent, he has failed to deliver on his promises. Except the promise to people like him, to provide a massive tax cut that has mortgaged our children’s future and our grandchildren’s future. Why? Because he is looking out for himself and people like himself. Everybody else, you are out of luck…Promises kept by the Democrats, promises broken by this President. That’s what it’s about. The American people will remember.”


Representative Dan Kildee: “We won’t forget that in 2016, when the current President, candidate Trump, came to Michigan and told the workers of that factory that you will not lose this plant, you will not lose your jobs…He made promises, cynical promises, that he knew he couldn’t keep…The promises that Donald Trump broke are being felt today, next week, next month, next year, by the families who have worked hard, worked in these factories committed their lives to that, to that effort. Now we see yet another broken promise and we are not going to let this go.”