Across Ohio, Tom Perez Highlights Trump’s Broken Promises

Ahead of tonight’s Democratic presidential primary debate, DNC Chair Tom Perez traveled from Cincinnati to Dayton to Columbus, meeting with local leaders, business owners, and Ohio voters to highlight Trump’s broken promises.

See for yourself:

Watch WSYX’s coverage of the DNC’s road trip from Cincinnati to Columbus.

Columbus Dispatch: Dem chair to hit Graeter’s, Jeni’s, health care gig before Tuesday’s debate in Westerville

“Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez is heading to Dublin the morning of the debate for health-care roundtable on health care, which Democrats view as an issue they can exploit in next year’s presidential campaign against Donald Trump.

The party says the gathering ‘will highlight how Trump’s broken promises on health care will be a major liability for him during the 2020 campaign with female, suburban voters — a key voting block that helped drive Democratic victories in Ohio during the 2018 cycle.’”

DNC Chair and former Labor Secretary Tom Perez joined the United Auto Workers’ strike in West Chester with UAW Local 696, across from the General Motors Parts Distribution Center. Watch more here and here.

WDTN: DNC Chair Tom Perez in Dayton ahead of Ohio primary debate

“…At Tuesday’s debate at Otterbein University, Perez expects all 12 candidates to address gun violence. ‘The differences, frankly, between the Democrats and Republicans are 100%.’”

Dayton Daily News: Ahead of debate, Democratic Party leader stresses Ohio’s role in election

“…Chair Tom Perez visited Dayton to hold a roundtable discussion on gun violence and gun safety. Survivors and gun safety advocates were invited to the discussion.”

Dayton 24/7: DNC Chair visits Dayton, discussing gun violence with victims and their families

“The Chair of the Democratic National Committee visited Dayton, discussing gun safety. In a closed round table at Corinthian Baptist Church, local and national Democratic leaders gathered addressing gun violence two and a half months after the Oregon District mass shooting.”

NBC4i: Democratic chair discusses benefits of party to local businesses

“In addressing the media, Perez talked about the importance of women-owned businesses and women in leadership roles within businesses in general.”

NBC4i: DNC holds barbershop event to engage African-American voters

“…The Democratic National Committee helped organize this event at the Cut Above barbershop. About 75 African-American men attended the invitation-only event to talk about topics like voter registration, voter suppression, and whether black voters believe their vote doesn’t matter.”

WKSU: Debate Draws Activists Promoting Range of Issues

“…Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez is touring Ohio to discuss several issues such as guns, labor, and women’s rights. “

And here’s what folks are saying ahead of tonight’s debate in Westerville, Ohio:

Cincinnati Enquirer: Democratic candidates focus on Trump, Ohio issues in pre-debate speeches

“…Perez said the party will invest in Ohio because he thinks Democrats can win here. The message, he said, is simple: ‘We have your back on the issues that matter most.’”

Columbus Dispatch: Westerville Turned Blue and Landed Democratic Presidential Debate

“Westerville was reliably conservative for years, but the site of Tuesday’s debate among Democratic presidential candidates started to slip from Republican in 2016, though, even as GOP candidates won statewide.’

Toledo Blade: Everything to know about the Democratic debate in Ohio

“…The fourth Democratic debate is happening in Westerville, a Columbus suburb with just more than 40,000 residents. Democratic organizers say the city was chosen because it illustrates a trend they’re hoping to highlight for 2020 — college-educated voters in fast-growing suburbs leaving the Republican Party.”

The Guardian: Why the battle for the suburbs is Democrats’ key to winning 2020

“…Westerville is perhaps best known locally as the place the former Ohio state governor and Republican presidential candidate John Kasich calls home. But it – and suburbs like it – is also, Democrats say, ‘ground zero’ in the battle for the White House in 2020.” Democrats hammer on Ohio’s status as a presidential swing state during Sunday fundraiser

“Ohio is still a battleground state. That was the message repeated by Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez and nearly a dozen other political candidates and party officials at a fundraiser dinner for the state party Sunday night attended by 1,200 people. ‘Ohio is a battleground state,’ Perez said. ‘It is a battleground state that we will win.’”