Across The Battlegrounds: “Democrats Kick Off Campaign To Undercut Trump’s Economic Record”

Ahead of the Democratic debate in Detroit, Democrats and local leaders across the battlegrounds have been hammering Trump’s record of broken economic promises: higher health care costs, lost jobs and a tax scam that only helps the wealthy and well-connected.

The DNC also released new research briefs, detailing Trump’s economic record in AZ, FL, MI, NV, OH, PA and WI.

Polling confirms Trump’s vulnerability on this critical issue: recent polls show that only 5% say Trump’s economic policies help “people like me,” a majority say the president’s policies help “people with more money” or “no one,” only 11% say their salaries have outpaced their costs and four in 10 say they could not afford an emergency expense of $1,000.

See the coverage for yourself:

Bloomberg: Democrats Kick Off Campaign to Undercut Trump’s Economic Record. Democrats are launching a campaign in seven battleground states to make the case against Donald Trump’s economy […] “Trump promised he’d fight for working families. Instead, he is putting their economic security at risk. Health care costs are out of control; factories are closing; and his tax scam is only helping the wealthiest few,” DNC Chair Tom Perez, a former U.S. Labor secretary, said in a statement. “As the rich get richer, working families have only fallen further behind.”

(WI) Fox 6: National, State DNC members in Milwaukee say Pres. Trump is not working for Wisconsin. Members of the Democratic Party say President Donald Trump is not working for Wisconsin. “This president has kicked Wisconsin working families to the curb,” said Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez.

(WI) Journal Sentinel: Tom Perez knocks Donald Trump. Perez and others took some shots at Trump over dairy issues. Nearly 700 dairy farms shut down in the state last year. During an appearance in Milwaukee Friday Trump said, “Some of the farmers are doing well. … We’re over the hump. We’re doing really well.” “Wisconsin led the nation in farm bankruptcies,” Perez said. “How can you be over the hump? I thought he was smoking some hemp when he said they were over the hump.”

(WI) WDJT: DNC Chairman Perez lays out strategy for Dems to win Wisconsin in 2020. Perez says healthcare and Trump’s track record on farming will be key to democratic strategy in the state.

(WI) WISN: DNC chairman: Party of Lincoln replaced by party of Trump. National Democratic Party Chairman Tom Perez talked about issues but focused heavily on President Donald Trump Thursday morning. He said Democrats offer better alternatives and are leading on issues like health care and the economy.

(OH) The Vindicator: Valley Dems to Trump: You broke promises. On the two-year anniversary of Donald Trump’s rally at the Covelli Centre, in which he urged people “don’t sell your house” because jobs were returning, Democrats criticized the Republican president for breaking his promises to the area. Braylin Rushton of Campbell, a laid-off Lordstown General Motors worker, said when Trump gave tax cuts to the wealthy and to corporations, he “made it easy” for GM to idle the local plant.

(OH) WKBN: Laid-off GM workers, Democratic leaders want Trump to visit Valley. They claim the president has broken promises that he would bring jobs to the area and they want him to see the impact… The protesters accused the president of breaking promises that he would fight for local workers.

(OH) WTRF: Protesters from Ohio GM plant sound off over President Trump’s visit to Wheeling. The group– which is made up of people affected by the closure of Lordstowns GM Plant– started their protest just a short time ago at Heritage Port. They say the President promised to bring their jobs back to Lordstown two years ago and has not delivered.

(OH) WFMJ: Ohio Democratic Party Chairman calls out Trump’s broken promises in Youngstown. Ohio Democrats are using President Trump’s own words to dramatize what they say are broken promises he made in Ohio […] Pepper was joined by a small group of supporters who were holding a banner containing another Trump quote, “It really doesn’t matter,”  after GM idled the Lordstown plant.

(OH) WTOV: Protesters rallying ahead of Trump visit to Wheeling. A group of Ohioans affected by the Lordstown GM Plant closure held a rally at Heritage Port… Current and former employees spoke out, saying the president had not followed through on his promises to bring jobs back to the Mahoning Valley area.

(OH) The Wheeling Intelligencer: Ahead of Trump Visit, Ohio Dems, Autoworkers Come to Wheeling to Express Disappointment With President. With General Motors’ Lordstown plant announcing its closure last November, many employees felt slighted when Trump’s response was, “It doesn’t really matter,” saying he felt Ohio would replace those jobs in a heartbeat. The plant closed in March.

(MI) Michigan Advance: Rust belt leaders rip Trump for ‘selling out’ workers. Kildee pointed out that Trump campaigned in Warren, Mich., in 2016 and pledged to “bring back auto jobs” and that “you won’t lose one plant.” “His pledge is exactly what workers have come to expect from Trump: One broken pledge after another,” said Kildee.

(FL) Florida Politics: Democrats decry Donald Trump’s ‘broken economic promises’ to Florida.  A report released Tuesday spotlights problems with Florida’s economy, laying the blame for “broken economic promises” at the feet of President Donald Trump. “Donald Trump’s broken promises on the economy is a major weakness for his campaign in Florida. His health care agenda spikes costs and guts coverage protections for people with preexisting conditions, while his tax scam is only helping corporations and the wealthiest few at the expense of working families,” the memo charges.