Across The Battlegrounds, Voters are Holding Trump Accountable for His Broken Promises

Wherever Trump Goes, Democrats & Local Leaders
Are Calling Him Out 

Wherever Donald Trump  and his cronies went this past week, Democrats were there to call out his broken promises and hold him accountable for hurting middle class families. See for yourself:

In Pennsylvania:

TribLive, HEADLINE: Pa. Democrats slam Trump on jobs, economy ahead of his Pittsburgh visit.‘“‘The idea that Donald Trump will come to our state to talk about the economy is frankly insulting,’ Bloomingdale said. ‘He promised he’d bring back manufacturing, and yet economists say the manufacturing sector is in recession.’ The U.S. Labor Department reported in September that Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — two important swing states in 2020 — have lost the highest number of manufacturing jobs in the country in 2019, Bloomingdale said.”

Philadelphia Inquirer  “Democrats in Pennsylvania pounced on the president’s visit, holding a conference call to accuse Mr. Trump of lying to the American people about the economy. ‘He was supposed to ‘dig coal,’ but we have miners who are unemployed,’ said Richard Bloomingdale, president of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO…‘We have miners whose pensions aren’t fixed and we have plants like the Bruce Mansfield energy plant that’s been shut down.’”

CBS 2 Pittsburgh: “‘Trump’s record is a story of broken promises, and that’s why we believe that voters will hold him accountable and vote him out of office in 2020,’ said David Bergstein with the Democratic National Committee.”

Pittsburgh Action News 4:  “‘His health care agenda is going to raise costs and jeopardize coverage, so again, on issue after issue, Trump has a record of broken promises. He hasn’t delivered for the hardworking folks in Pittsburgh or across the state and in 2020, voters will hold him accountable,’ David Bergstein, DNC director of battleground state communications, told Pittsburgh’s Action News 4.”

PoliticsPA: “‘The idea that Donald Trump will come to our state today to talk about the economy right now is frankly insulting … Pennsylvania families deserve more than Donald Trump’s broken promises, and it’s why we will be spending all of next year ensuring it’s the last year of his presidency,’ [PA-AFLO CIO President Rick] Bloomingdale said in a statement.”

In Wisconsin:

Fox 6, HEADLINE: Kenosha Democrats held rally to highlight what they call Pres. Trump’s broken promises. “Union members, community leaders, and the Kenosha Democrats held a rally Wednesday, Oct. 23 to speak out against a proposed trade deal that would replace NAFTA. ‘Wisconsin has lost more than 6,200 manufacturing jobs in the last year alone. Second only to Pennsylvania in the country for lost manufacturing jobs over the last year. Farms are going out of business in Wisconsin at a near-record rate. More than two family farms closing their barn doors forever, every day,’ said Ben Wikler, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair.”

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: “The Democratic Party of Wisconsin issued a statement decrying what they called a ‘lineage of broken promises’ to working people. Trump’s tax cuts ‘will ultimately cost middle-class families in the long run’ and his trade policies have hurt companies such as Harley-Davidson, the Democrats said.”

WisPolitics: “Ahead of the stop, Dems and union officials gathered in Kenosha to slam what they called a string of broken promises from the Trump administration. John Drew, a former UAW Local 72 president, charged Trump has used working people as props. He pointed to the president’s promise that he would save jobs at a Carrier Air Conditioner plant in Indianapolis only to see them sent to Mexico. Drew said Trump promised he would save a GM plant in Lordstown, Ohio, telling people at a nearby rally not to sell their homes because the jobs were coming back, but it is still slated to close.”

In South Carolina:

WCSC, HEADLINE: Ahead of SC visit to HBCU, Trump faces backlash over ‘lynching’ comment in tweet “‘He is an embarrassment, and he is not welcome in our state’ South Carolina Democratic Party chairman Trav Robertson Jr. ‘It is a disgrace to the presidency, the country, and the history of the struggle African Americans have gone through in our history. How does he expect to have any credibility on criminal justice when this is how he speaks about one of the darkest times in our history?’”

The State: Trump compares impeachment to lynching days before visit to SC historically black college “‘I don’t think the president has the right to speak at a historically black college after making those comments,’ Robertson said. ‘It’s an insult to the people who suffered under Jim Crow politics.’ Robertson maintained that the comment was a ploy to ‘energize Donald Trump’s base’ and voters who would support Graham’s reelection.”

Politico: “‘How does he stand up in front of a group of young people at Benedict College and say: I wanna make America great. Let’s go back to the era of Jim Crow and Reconstruction, where lynchings were commonplace?;’ asked Trav Robertson, chairman of the state Democratic Party. ‘Is that his vision … of making America great again?’”

The State: “‘Trump’s visit to SC means two things: His support and (U.S. Sen. Lindsey) Graham’s support is not as strong as it was,’ Trav Robertson, chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party chairman, tweeted.”

In Colorado:

Colorado Politics: “Colorado Democratic Party spokesman David Pourshoushtari put out a statement Tuesday afternoon. … ‘Whether it’s his massive tax giveaway to the ultra wealthy and big banks, his relentless assault on people’s healthcare, or his reckless trade war that is hurting our farmers’ livelihoods, Donald Trump has shown why Colorado was right to reject him in 2016 and will reject him again in 2020.’’”

In Arizona:

ABC15: “The Arizona Democratic Party released a statement earlier saying, ‘Don Jr. can’t run away from his father’s record of broken promises, nor will he be able to defend his reckless positions.’”

In Michigan:

Michigan Advance, HEADLINE: EPA chief touts Great Lakes plan in Detroit months after Trump’s proposed cuts.  “Oakland County Water Commissioner Jim Nash noted Trump’s previous attempts to chop the GLRI that he said is ‘critical’ for his job of keeping our drinking water clean … ‘From rolling back life saving regulations to threatening to cut funding for critical programs, Trump has broken his promise to Michiganders to protect our Great Lakes.’”

In Kansas:

WIBW: “‘’Nothing Trump’s administration says can erase his broken promises to Kansans,’ KDP Chair Vicki Hiatt said. ‘His tax scam spikes our deficit and will raise taxes on hard working families while giving more handouts to powerful corporations. He’s sabotaged our health care at every turn and, in the Trump economy, only the wealthy and well-connected get ahead. In 2020, voters will hold him accountable.’”