Across the Country, President Biden’s Economic Plan is Working

Following the release of July state-by-state employment data by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Democrats across the country praised President Biden’s leadership for getting our economy back as all 50 states and Washington, D.C. had jobless rates decrease from a year earlier. See for yourself:

Arizona Democratic Party: “Today’s state jobs numbers make one thing clear: President Joe Biden’s economic recovery plan is working here in Arizona,” said ADP Spokesperson Hannah Goss. “Since taking office, President Biden has created tens of thousands of jobs, put money in working families’ pockets, and supported our local businesses. His tireless leadership and bold economic agenda are good for business, good for workers, and good for Arizona.”

Democratic Party of Georgia“Today’s jobs numbers make it clear: President Biden’s economic plan is working in Georgia and nationwide,” said Scott Hogan, Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Georgia. “The President took office with a promise to build back our economy from the bottom up and the middle out, and he is delivering on his word for Georgians and the American people. Since the Biden-Harris administration and Democrats’ American Rescue Plan lowered taxes for middle class families, increased wages for workers, and delivered relief to small businesses, governments, and schools, the Biden economy has boomed in Georgia and across the nation.”

North Carolina Democratic Party“Over 75,000 jobs were created in North Carolina just in this past month alone. This historic job growth is a direct result of President Biden, Governor Cooper and Democrats’ economic recovery plans that have created jobs, increased wages, spurred growth, and brought down costs for working families — no thanks to North Carolina Republicans, who have stood in the way, voting against historic legislation like the American Rescue Plan. The economy is on the up and up and it’s because President Biden, Governor Cooper and Democrats are delivering for working people in North Carolina,” said NCDP Spokesperson Ellie Dougherty.

Pennsylvania Democratic Party“This morning’s latest employment numbers in Pennsylvania highlight once again what so many Pennsylvanians have felt since the start of Joe Biden’s presidency: Help is here. Despite unprecedented obstruction from Republicans, President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda is getting checks into pockets and helping small businesses reopen across Pennsylvania. From providing needed relief to local communities, to delivering a middle class tax cut to working parents, the American Rescue Plan has been crucial to Pennsylvania’s recovery. In order to keep building Pennsylvania back better than before, Congress must now pass the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal.”

Democratic Party of Wisconsin“While Wisconsin Republicans like Sen. Ron Johnson, Rep. Mike Gallagher, and Derrick Van Orden continue to peddle baseless conspiracy theories and curry favor with wealthy donors, Democrats are focused on delivering for Wisconsin’s working families. Today’s jobs report is further evidence that thanks to President Biden and Governor Evers, Wisconsin is bouncing back as vaccination rates continue to increase and people are getting back to work.”