Across The Country, States Face Tax Increases Thanks To The Trump Tax

As Trump brags about his massive giveaways to the wealthy and big corporations in Davos, back home states across the country face impending tax increases from the Trump tax that could have devastating impacts on local taxpayers and their communities.


Wall Street Journal: “States Grapple With Federal Tax Cut That May Raise State Taxes


Washington Post: “Nearly 3 in 10 Marylanders will owe the state more in taxes after federal tax overhaul”


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “Federal tax overhaul could mean massive state tax hike for Georgians”


The Detroit News: “Michigan treasurer: Taxes will rise under fed changes” “This would result in an automatic $1.5 billion increase in personal income taxes paid to the state, much of it coming from the same people who have the most to lose from the new federal limits on state and local tax deductions, he said.”


Los Angeles Times: “The new tax plan, which sharply limited deductions used extensively in California, and GOP threats to curb Medicaid spending continue to pose billion-dollar risks for millions of the state's residents and to its budget.”


Fox 13 Salt Lake City: “New numbers show Utahns’ federal taxes will go down, but state tax could go up.”


Washington Examiner: “The Trump tax cuts have created a problem for Iowa. Under the state's current tax code, the federal tax cuts would result in an automatic tax increase for Iowans at the state level, partially offsetting the federal tax relief for some taxpayers.”