Actions Speak Louder Than Words, So Here’s All The Things MAGA Mike Johnson Didn’t Applaud At the State of the Union

Tonight, President Biden delivered his third State of the Union address and made the contrast clear between his vision for the country, where every American is given a fair shot, and Donald Trump’s vision, which is rife with MAGA extremism and chaos. But we believe actions speak louder than words, and Speaker MAGA Mike Johnson let the American people know loud and clear that he won’t put petty political games aside to celebrate the historic progress we’ve made under President Biden’s leadership or the work ahead to move the country forward. 

MAGA Mike didn’t think there was a single “bipartisan” segment in President Biden’s State of the Union address. 

Johnson: “Usually at a State of the Union, there are at least some bipartisan segments, there are a few things that people can agree upon, that didn’t happen tonight.”

He couldn’t set partisan politics aside to stand with our allies. 

And here’s a few other things thatMAGA Mike didn’t applaud , and in his words, “couldn’t agree” upon…

  • The American economy booming with a record number of new jobs and record-low unemployment
  • Protecting access to lifesaving reproductive care for every woman across the country and ensuring Americans who want to start a family have access to IVF 
  • America’s leadership on the world stage
  • Raising the federal minimum wage 
  • Protecting democracy
  • Lowering the cost of prescription drugs for all Americans
  • Bringing down the cost of housing 
  • Holding the ultra-wealthy and big corporations accountable and making them pay their fair share in taxes
  • Protecting Social Security and Medicare 
  • Decreasing the child poverty rate 
  • Securing our border and stopping fentanyl from coming into our country
  • Denouncing Trump’s racist remarks about immigrants “poisoning the blood of our country”
  • Keeping our children safe from gun violence 
  • Expanding tutoring and summer learning