After 49th Anniversary of Stonewall, DNC Launches LGBTQ Voting Rights Toolkit

In order to ensure every voice is heard this November, the Democratic National Committee has launched an LGBTQ Voting Rights Toolkit to help answer common LGBTQ-specific voting concerns. Now more than ever, with LGBTQ people under attack from Republicans and the administration rolling back the progress we have made, LGBTQ people must get out and vote.


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LGBTQ people, especially transgender voters, deal with unique issues when going to the polls — like when your gender identity doesn't match your voter ID or your name has not been changed on your voter registration. The DNC’s LGBTQ Voting Rights Toolkit will not only help address these concerns, but point LGBTQ people to additional resources, including the DNC’s Voter Hotline that is staffed on weekdays to work with any voters one-on-one to help resolve questions or issues.


“Stonewall showed us that speaking up against abuses is the only way to achieve change. With voting rights and LGBTQ rights under attack by this administration, the Democratic Party is proud to stand with LGBTQ people and ensure that every voice is heard this November,” said DNC Chair Tom Perez. “The DNC’s LGBTQ Voting Rights Toolkit gives someone the resources they need to make sure they aren’t turned away at the polls because of who they are or who they love. Too much is at stake this November, especially for the LGBTQ community, for any voter to stay home.”


The toolkit will be posted online and distributed to all 57 Democratic state and territory parties. Additionally, the toolkit has been distributed at Pride events and will be distributed at Democratic Party events throughout the country.