After Voting Against the American Rescue Plan, Representative Madison Cawthorn Gets Called Out For Touting Its Benefits

“Cawthorn is hardly the only Republican to try having it both ways on the relief package, which the GOP slammed in Washington but has found to be popular back home.”

Yesterday, Representative Madison Cawthorn joined the growing group of congressional Republicans touting how the American Rescue Plan is delivering for their constituents. The only problem? He, along with all other Republicans in Congress, voted against the popular package, which is enjoying bipartisan majority support all over the country.

Here’s a look at what they’re saying about Rep. Hawthorn’s hypocrisy:

HuffPost: GOP Congressman ‘Happy’ To Tout COVID-19 Stimulus Funds That He Voted Against

By Amanda Terkel and Igor Bobic


“Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-N.C.) sent out a tweet Tuesday touting some funds that community health centers in his district will be receiving ― even though he voted against the legislation that made the money possible.


“‘You can’t have your cake and vote against it, too,’ North Carolina Democratic Party Chair Bobbie Richardson said. ‘That’s exactly what Rep. Cawthorn is doing by shamelessly taking credit for a bill that he tirelessly attacked and voted against. The American Rescue Plan secured critical funding for North Carolina’s health centers and Madison Cawthorn had absolutely nothing to do with it.’”

Washington Post: Democrats blast GOP’s Cawthorn as hypocrite after he touts coronavirus relief grants he didn’t vote for

By Amy B Wang


“One detail the freshman lawmaker did not mention, however, was that all of these grants were the result of President Biden’s coronavirus relief package, which received no Republican support. Cawthorn skipped the vote on the bill so he could attend a conservative conference in Florida. A proxy voted no on the bill on his behalf.”

Forbes: GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn Touts Funds From Relief Bill He Voted Against

By Andrew Solender


“Cawthorn is trying to take credit for the grants HE VOTED AGAINST,” tweeted Democratic National Committee chair Jaime Harrison, declaring, “Republicans have no shame.”

Daily Beast: Madison Cawthorn Suddenly Loves the Stimulus Bill He Voted Against

By Sam Brodey


“Cawthorn is hardly the only Republican to try having it both ways on the relief package, which the GOP slammed in Washington but has found to be popular back home. Shortly after it passed, Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS) praised a provision to aid struggling restaurants, and multiple GOP lawmakers have devoted time and resources to helping constituents access the new round of stimulus checks that they voted against sending out.”

WLOS-Asheville: Congressman Madison Cawthorn hypes COVID relief funds he voted against


“DNC Chair Jaime Harrison also took aim at Cawthorn’s tweets.

“‘You really have to marvel at the audacity of Republicans in Congress. Representative Cawthorn is unashamedly touting the benefits of the American Rescue Plan after voting against sending that same relief to his own constituents,’ Harrison said in a news release.”

Cardinal & Pine: NC’s Madison Cawthorn Skipped Vote But “Happy” COVID Relief Funds Going to his WNC District

By Sarah Ovaska


“A freshman Congressman from Western North Carolina is bragging about federal money that came to health centers in his district.

“Problem is, US Rep. Madison Cawthorn skipped the vote for the COVID relief bill that made it happen.

“The official account for Cawthorn, the 25-year-old Republican from Hendersonville, tweeted Tuesday afternoon that he was ‘happy’ to see needed money go to four health clinics in his district that help vulnerable residents. Not only that, he was ‘Proud to see tax-payer dollars returned to NC-11.’”