Ahead of Holidays, Supply Chain Bottleneck Easing Thanks to Joe Biden

Thanks to President Biden’s leadership, new reports indicate that the global supply chain bottleneck is easing ahead of the holiday season. While Republicans continue to try to block progress for the American people, President Biden is leading and delivering real results for middle-class families.

Marketplace: “What supply chain crisis?” say Target, Walmart and Home Depot

  • “Walmart, Target and Home Depot told investors they have more than adequate inventory to weather the holidays.”
  • “You know those local news reports you see every Black Friday of shoppers engaged in hand-to-hand combat over that last power saw at Home Depot? You can’t blame that on broken supply chains this year.”

Bloomberg: The U.S. Supply-Chain Crisis Is Already Easing

  • “Evidence keeps piling up to suggest that the U.S. is slowly but surely making progress in easing freight congestion and supply shortages.”
  • “U.S. manufacturing output rose in October to the highest level since March 2019, Federal Reserve data showed this week.”
  • “For the supply-chain crunch to get better, it first needed to stop getting worse. That at least appears to have happened.”

Wall Street Journal: Supply-Chain Problems Show Signs of Easing

  • “An easing of supply-chain choke points would allow production to move toward meeting strong demand and would lower logistics costs. If sustained, that, in turn, would help alleviate the upward pressure on inflation.”
  • “Shipping and retail executives say they expect the U.S. port backlogs to clear in early 2022, after the holiday shopping season and when Lunar New Year shuts many factories for a week in February, slowing output.”