Ahead of Pence Visit, DNC Launches Digital Ads in Traverse City Focused on Autoworkers

Today, as Mike Pence heads to Traverse City, Michigan the Democratic National Committee is launching digital ads reaching voters in the Traverse City area highlighting how Trump has broken his promises to protect autoworkers.

Democrats are also hosting a press call ahead of Pence’s visit with Rep. Debbie Dingell and union leaders to highlight Pence and Trump’s broken promises to Michigan autoworkers. And last week, Michigan auto worker Gerald Lang spoke out against Trump and Pence’s failed record for workers at the Democratic National Convention.

“After four days of the Republican chaos convention, nothing has changed for Michiganders who see through Mike Pence and Donald Trump’s broken promises, “ said DNC Spokeswoman Maddie McComb. “Mike Pence turned his back on autoworkers when he voted against the auto bailout, and the Trump administration oversaw a manufacturing recession even before the coronavirus as thousands of Michiganders lost their jobs. Michiganders are hungry for new leadership and that’s why they’ll be voting for Joe Biden, Gary Peters, and Democrats up and down the ticket this November.”

In 2016,  Trump promised Michiganders they “won’t lose one plant,” but GM factories in Detroit and Warren have closed, Michigan has lost thousands of jobs during Trump’s tenure, and his administration’s  erratic trade policies  have hurt the auto industry.  In 2009, Trump said “you could” let the auto industry go bankrupt, and when Pence was a member of Congress, he  “strongly opposed” the 2009 auto bailout.

These digital display banner ads will run for 24 hours on Friday, August 28 during Pence’s visit and reach voters in Traverse City. Images of the ads are below: