Ahead of Pence’s Visit to Michigan, DNC Unveils New Mobile Billboard Slamming Trump’s Failed COVID-19 Response

Today, the Democratic National Committee is sending a new mobile billboard to Michigan ahead of Pence’s visit to highlight how Trump’s failed coronavirus response has hurt Michiganders.

The mobile billboard will reach voters in the area around Pence’s event starting this week. Michigan has crossed 150,000 total coronavirus cases, including over 1,500 new cases on Wednesday.

“Voters in Pontiac won’t be able to miss this message: Trump and Pence were too incompetent and ineffective to respond to the coronavirus, and their failure has cost too many Michiganders their lives and livelihoods,” said DNC spokesperson Maddie McComb. “When Pence comes to Michigan, he’ll be greeted by the consequences of his record: spiking COVID-19 infection rates, workers who are struggling to find good paying jobs, and Michiganders concerned he’ll rip away their health care coverage in the middle of a pandemic. The last thing Michigan needs is Pence coming to town to try and distract from his broken promises, and Michigan will hold him and Trump accountable for their failures this November.”

An image of the mobile billboard graphic is below: