Ahead of the Republican Convention, DNC Launches Digital Homepage Takeovers in NC, FL, AZ, MI, and PA to Highlight Trump’s Chaos Presidency

Today, ahead of the Republican National Convention, the DNC launched digital homepage takeovers of local news sites in North Carolina, Florida, Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania highlighting Trump’s “Chaos Presidency” that has plunged the country into crisis.

The digital ads are featured in high-impact advertising spaces — including news sites’ top banners — for at least the entire day, reaching voters in key battleground media markets.  The ads highlight Trump’s failed coronavirus response, which has resulted in nearly 1.2 million coronavirus cases and more than 32,000 deaths across the five states alone and more than 5.7 million cases and nearly 177,000 deaths across the country.

See below for images of the ads:

Each day of the Republican National Convention, the DNC War Room will focus on a different crisis Trump’s chaos has created or made worse with his “Chaos Presidency.” Efforts include daily briefings with key stakeholders, paid television and digital advertising holding Trump and speakers accountable for their lies and misinformation, events in battleground states, and more.