Ahead of Tomorrow’s Debate, Remember that Trump Has Attacked Our Democracy

Tomorrow, President Biden and convicted felon Donald Trump will lay out their visions for America’s future on the debate stage. President Biden’s vision is one where working families don’t have to worry about putting dinner on the table, where prescription drugs and health care are accessible and affordable, where women have more rights than their grandmothers, not fewer, and where the rights of American voters are safeguarded and our democracy is protected. On the other hand, Trump’s vision is one of revenge and retribution, where violent insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol are called “patriots,” and where he will always put himself ahead of American voters and American democracy.

DNC Spokesperson Maddy Mundy released the following statement:

Donald Trump wants power for himself, full stop. Over and over, Trump has sought to undermine trust in American democracy for his personal gain. Trump can’t admit that voters rejected him in favor of a candidate who answers to them, not to billionaire donors. Not only did Trump inspire the violent insurrection at the Capitol on January 6, he spent months campaigning on election conspiracies because he was afraid of another rejection at the polls. In 2024, he has doubled down on this dangerous strategy, fanning the flames with violent rhetoric, promising to be a dictator on ‘day one,’ and spewing unhinged conspiracies. A Trump presidency represents a dangerous threat to our constitution and American democracy. In November, voters will remember this as they cast their ballots for President Biden.”

Donald Trump inspired an insurrection at the Capitol and encouraged election conspiracies across the country:

In Wisconsin, Trump’s MAGA followers attacked the democratic process. 

Associated Press: “Former Trump staffer who said to ‘fan the flame’ after 2020 loss hired to lead Wisconsin GOP”

Salon: “’Wreak havoc’: Text messages suggest a top Wisconsin Republican tried to suppress Black vote”

WPR: “Wisconsin false electors admit their actions were used in effort to ‘improperly overturn’ the 2020 election”

In Pennsylvania, Trump’s election-denial conspiracies were rejected in court. 

Philadelphia Inquirer: “Trump and his allies tried to overturn Pennsylvania’s election results for two months. Here are the highlights.”

Associated Press: “In blistering ruling, judge throws out Trump suit in Pa”

CNN: “Pennsylvania becomes epicenter of 2020 election chaos”

In Michigan, Trump-loving Republicans engaged in election conspiracies, dangerous rhetoric, and political violence. 

Michigan Advance: “GOP Rep. Maddock on tape: ‘We’re going to have a civil war or some sort of revolution’”

Washington Post: “Michigan charges 16 Trump electors who falsely claimed he won the state”

Associated Press: “Ex-Michigan gubernatorial candidate sentenced to 2 months behind bars for Capitol riot role”

New York Times: “In Michigan, a Dress Rehearsal for the Chaos at the Capitol on Wednesday”

In Nevada, MAGA Republicans falsely claimed the election was rigged, opposed protections for election workers, and supported a racist, election-denying candidate. 

New York Times: “A Republican Election Clerk vs. Trump Die-Hards in a World of Lies”

Nevada Independent: “Nevada lawmakers named in election denial report walk back past comments”

Nevada Independent: “NV RNC member files lawsuit challenging election worker protection bill” 

Raw Story: “Trump endorses GOP candidate who once called for a Black attorney general’s ‘hanging’”

After he fanned election conspiracies in North Carolina as the state’s GOP chair, Donald Trump promoted extremist Michael Whatley to chair the RNC. Whatley’s North Carolina replacement, also endorsed by Trump, flirted with election conspiracies. 

Associated Press “Trump’s pick to lead the RNC is facing skepticism from some Republicans”

News & Observer: “Who is NC GOP Chair Michael Whatley, Trump’s pick to lead the RNC?” 

News & Observer: “NC Republicans select new party chair backed by Donald Trump” 

Carolina Journal: “Trump makes endorsement in NCGOP chair


“Prior to running day-to-day operations at the NCGOP, Simmons served as regional field director for the RNC, and served in the Trump administration prior to that.”

News & Observer: [Simmons]: “Our ground game and our election integrity efforts will be the national standard.”

American Journal News: New NC GOP chair flirts with bogus stolen election conspiracies

In Georgia, where election deniers serve in the General Assembly, MAGA Republicans launched a scheme to undermine the presidential election after the state flipped blue for the first time in decades.

WABE: “The 19 people accused of trying to overturn the 2020 election in Georgia to keep Trump in power”

ABC News: “Trump demands Georgia secretary of state ‘find’ enough votes to hand him win” 

In Arizona, Donald Trump’s conspiracies helped create a dangerous environment for election workers, while 11 Arizona Republicans falsely claiming to be electors tried to overturn the fair democratic process.

Associated Press:Increasingly normal: Guns seen outside vote-counting centers”

Arizona Republic: “Who are the 11 Arizona fake electors facing criminal charges for claiming Trump won in 2020?”

The Guardian: “Arizona secretary of state calls threats to election officials ‘domestic terrorism’”

Arizona Republic: “’I would lynch him’: Maricopa County Republican party vice chair threatens recorder”