Ahead of Tonight’s Debate, A Look at the Real Ed Gillespie

Heading into tonight’s Virginia gubernatorial debate, one thing is clear – while Ralph Northam committed his life to the service of others, Ed Gillespie made a career out of serving special interests, big corporations, and himself. Gillespie, who will say anything to get elected, has had an extensive lobbying career that allowed him to pocket millions at the expense of hard-working Virginia families.

Here’s a look at who the Republican candidate really is:

Ed Gillespie, Career Lobbyist:

Gillespie spent his life shilling for wealthy special interests as a D.C. lobbyist, often at the expense of hardworking Virginians. He worked to keep student loans expensive, lobbied for Enron while the company lied to the public and its shareholders, and worked for a health care company that used an illegal kickback scheme to defraud Medicare and Medicaid. From lobbying for predatory student loan services and Wall Street banks, to helping companies who lay off Virginia workers, Gillespie has earned his reputation as the “well-fed alligator” in the D.C. swamp. And now, he’s angling for a big promotion: serving as Donald Trump’s top lobbyist in Virginia.  Instead of fighting for the wellbeing of hard-working Virginians, Gillespie chose to line his pockets at their expense. Virginians deserve a governor who puts Virginians first — not profit at any cost.

Ed Gillespie, Fighter for the 1%:

Gillespie’s economic vision consists of one thing: a tax cut plan for millionaires and billionaires. His plan has been ripped apart by analysts and Republicans alike for its phony math and $1.4 billion hit to Virginia’s revenue. The fiscally irresponsible tax proposal would give the richest one percent an average of $7,049 a year in tax breaks and low-income families an average of just $14 a year. Meanwhile, money for key programs like education, public safety and transportation would be slashed.

Ed Gillespie, Coward:

Gillespie says he wants to govern for “all Virginians,” but he refuses to challenge Donald Trump’s dangerous positions that would hurt the state. More than a month after the tragedy in Charlottesville, he’s yet to speak up on Trump’s “both sides” equivocation. And throughout his campaign, Gillespie has refused to stand up to Trump for his crusade to sabotage the health care market and strip Virginians of their access to quality, affordable health care.

Ed Gillespie, Desperate Candidate:

Gillespie’s embrace of Donald Trump’s rhetoric and policies proves he’ll say or do anything to get elected. He’s invited Trump to join him on the campaign trail, launched a Trump-esque attack on the Washington Post and Jeff Bezos, and hired former Trump staffer — and noted far-right alarmist — Jack Morgan. There is no daylight between the policies of Donald Trump and Ed Gillespie. They are one and the same, and they are bad for Virginia.