Ahead of Trump’s chaotic convention, DNC launches digital home-page takeover highlighting Trump’s failed COVID-19 response in WRAL

DNC Chair Tom Perez, North Carolina Leaders held a press call to discuss Trump’s failed leadership that has hurt North Carolina’s families 

Ahead of the start of the RNCC, the Democratic National Committee is launching a digital home-page takeover on WRAL-TV’s website, highlighting Trump’s failed coronavirus response, which has resulted in over 150,000 coronavirus cases and more than 2,400 deaths statewide.

WRAL, Capitol Broadcasting Company’s flagship station, is based in Raleigh, home to North Carolina State University, which recently had to roll back its school reopening due to clusters of coronavirus outbreaks on campus.

Additionally, today at 10:00 AM EDT, DNC Chair Tom Perez spoke at a NCDP virtual press conference to discuss how Trump’s chaotic leadership has hurt North Carolina rural communities. The speakers also highlighted how the Trump administration is failing on issues critical to families, from his mission to undermine the Affordable Care Act during a pandemic to his reckless school reopening plan, to his absolute failure to lead during this pandemic.

“Nothing Trump says today — or throughout his chaos convention — can change how his total incompetence in responding to the coronavirus has cost North Carolinians their livelihoods and lives” said DNC Chair Tom Perez. “Missing from Trump’s event today, and undoubtedly from the RNC’s entire convention, will be the the voices of North Carolinians who are still suffering as COVID spikes, the farmers across the state who’ve been hurt by his reckless trade policies, or those with pre-existing conditions who are worried he’ll take away their health care coverage even in the middle of a pandemic. The Republican chaos convention is going to remind North Carolinians exactly what they don’t like about Trump, and in November voters will hold him accountable.”

The home-page takeover will reach voters throughout WRAL’s website and will run for 24 hours.  An image of the ad is below: