Ahead of Trump’s Photo Op, DNC Chair Slams Broken Promises To Mainers

On a call with reporters ahead of Donald Trump’s photo op in Maine today, Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez slammed Trump’s broken promises to Mainers:

There is no corner of this country that has escaped the consequences of these failures. He’s going to Maine today. On the campaign trail in 2016, he promised people in Maine that “we’re going to bring back our jobs.”

That was his promise. Well, here’s the reality: Coronavirus and his failure to respond has led to over 120,000 Mainers out of work since the pandemic started – that’s one-fifth of the state’s workforce.

And given that Maine has the oldest population of any state in the union, the pandemic has been an even greater threat, especially for seniors.

And yet, he continues his full-steam-ahead attacks on the ACA, which if successful, would jeopardize coverage for over 80,000 Mainers. He wants to take away protections for as many as 600,000 Mainers with preexisting conditions. And his budget proposal would cut hundreds of billions of dollars from Medicare, which nearly a quarter [of a million] Mainers rely on. And remember: for millions of Americans, their health care is tied to their jobs, so when they lose their jobs, they lose their health care.

It makes no sense whatsoever for a president in the middle of an employment crisis and a health care crisis to be cutting access to health care. But, that’s the reality. And we are indeed in the midst of these three epic crises: a pandemic, an economic crisis, and a crisis of our democracy.

When African Americans can’t breathe, our democracy can’t breathe. When voter suppression persists, our democracy can’t breathe. And the question presented that voters are going to ask is, “Who can lead us out of a crisis?” Because that’s where we are. We are an America in crisis. Who has the experience, character, and temperament to lead us out of this crisis? That’s Joe Biden. We can’t afford four more years of Donald Trump.