Ahead of Trump’s Visit to Macon, DNC Unveils New Billboards Slamming the Trump Administration’s Failed COVID-19 Response

Today, the Democratic National Committee is unveiling new billboards in Georgia ahead of Trump’s event in Macon on Friday, highlighting how Trump’s failed coronavirus response has hurt Georgians — leading to more than 7,000 Georgians’ deaths and millions of lost jobs in the state.

The billboards, located along I-75 (near Exit 221 and just north of the I-75 / I-475 split) will reach voters in the geographical area around Trump’s event starting on Friday and run through the weekend.

“Voters in Atlanta and Macon won’t be able to miss this message: Trump’s failed, incompetent coronavirus response has cost too many Georgians their lives and livelihoods,” said DNC Chair Tom Perez. “When Trump is in Macon, he will be surrounded by the consequences of his failed leadership: spiking coronavirus cases, workers who have lost their jobs and are worried about how they’re going to take care of their families, and Georgians concerned that Trump is going to rip away their health care in the middle of a pandemic. This record of failure and incompetence is why Georgians are already heading to the polls in droves to vote Donald Trump out.”

An image of the graphic and the billboard are below: