All You Need To Know: The NRA

In his prepared remarks yesterday, Trump regurgitated NRA talking points and offered no serious gun control solutions. Trump has always been in lockstep with the NRA, so it’s no surprise that they loved what he had to say.

In prepared remarks yesterday, Trump regurgitated NRA talking points.

Washington Post: “Trump responds… with the NRA’s favorite talking point”

And Trump offered no significant gun control solutions.

Washington Post: “Trump’s roughly 10-minute speech included no real call for gun restrictions or even background checks.”

Associated Press: “President Donald Trump’s focus on ‘mentally ill monsters’ oversimplifies the role of mental illness in public mass shootings and downplays the ease with which Americans can get firearms, experts said.”

The NRA loved Trump’s remarks.

NRA: “The NRA welcomes the President’s call to address the root causes of the horrific acts of violence that has occurred in our country. It has been the NRA’s long-standing position that those who have been adjudicated as a danger to themselves or others should not have access to firearms and should be admitted for treatment.”