AMERICA IS BACK: President Biden Restores U.S. Leadership on Climate And Global Economy

President Biden continues to deliver on his promise to reassert America’s leadership on the world stage. Not only has President Biden demonstrated steady leadership as he strengthens our alliances, but he and his administration have helped negotiate a groundbreaking global corporate minimum tax, and continue to lead the charge to combat climate change. President Biden proved that America is back and leading by the power of our example.

At the G20 summit, President Biden demonstrated he is a productive leader who can rally our allies to address issues like the global supply chain. 

KURV: “President Biden describes his G20 summit meetings as very productive. Speaking at a news conference in Rome, Biden noted agreements on the global minimum tax, a deal to resolve the EU tariff war over steel and aluminum and efforts to tackle supply chain issues.”

Washington Post: “Some of the leaders said the weekend meeting, which comes in advance of a major climate summit this week, helped reestablish a multilateral system that had been broken in recent years. ‘We have a common ambition now, which we didn’t have before,’ said Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi as the summit concluded.”

CNBC: “Biden rallies world leaders at G-20 to help address global supply chain issues”

On the first day of the G20, President Biden reached a deal for a groundbreaking global corporate minimum tax, which will level the playing field for American business and workers by ensuring corporations finally pay their fair share. 

Washington Post: “Biden, other G-20 world leaders formally endorse groundbreaking global corporate minimum tax”

USA Today: “President Joe Biden and leaders of some of the world’s wealthiest nations on Saturday backed a 15% global minimum corporate tax, a dramatic restructuring of the international tax system that is intended to make sure big companies pay their fair share.”

CNN: “The tax is a chief priority of Biden’s that the White House believes would end the global race-to-the-bottom on corporate tax rates.”

President Biden also secured a historic trade arrangement with the European Union that will strengthen our transatlantic alliances and protect American business and workers. 

NBC News: “U.S., E.U. announce rollback of steel and aluminum tariffs on final day of G-20”

New York Times: “The deal, which comes as President Biden and other world leaders meet at the Group of 20 summit in Rome, is aimed at easing trans-Atlantic trade tensions that had worsened under former President Donald J. Trump, whose administration initially imposed the tariffs.” 

CNN: “‘The United States and the European Union have reached a major breakthrough that will address the existential threat of climate change while also protecting American jobs and American industry,’ Biden said at the G20 Summit, which is taking place this year in Rome.”

In Glasgow, President Biden is demonstrating America’s commitment to leading the fight to combat climate change and announced new initiatives to tackle the crisis and make a generational investment in our workers and communities.

Politico: “Biden underscores commitment to climate action in Glasgow”

CNBC: “Biden said the U.S. was committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% to 52% by 2030 when compared to 2005 levels. This was designed ‘to demonstrate to the world the United States is not only back at the table, but hopefully leading by the power of our example’”

Wall Street Journal: “Biden Moves to Limit Methane Emissions From Oil and Gas Production”

NPR: “Biden also plans to launch a new program to help developing countries adapt to climate change that he hopes will provide $3 billion in financing per year by fiscal 2024, the White House said.”